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DeVictoria Plumbing and Heating Massapequa Park

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Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations & Repairs

Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations & Repairs Massapequa ParkAre you looking to renovate an old bathroom or kitchen? Are the fixtures getting shabby and outdated? We help with both installation and repair of bathroom and kitchen fixtures at the best prices.

Whether you need to redo the pipe work that has been worn out from use, replace the sink or renovate the entire room, our experienced team of professionals can help you achieve the results you desire.

Water Filtration Systems

Many people choose to install water filtration systems in their home or business to have constant access to purified drinking water, as well as to keep appliances and the overall plumbing system in top condition. Filtration systems purify water by removing sediments for healthier tap water. These systems can be installed under a specific sink or for the entire property somewhere along the main line.

Our professional services involve helping customers find the best filtration system for their property and then properly installing the system for optimum functioning. We also handle any repairs necessary for malfunctioning systems.

Boiler Repairs and Installations

We service and repair all brands of boilers for any household or commercial business. Installation of new, energy efficient boilers is best done by a licensed, insured professional. We are properly licensed and insured, and hold many certifications from equipment manufacturers as well.

Our certified technicians will guarantee that every component is functioning correctly and ensure the maximum possible insulation is attained for enhanced efficiency. DeVictoria Plumbing is equipped to install or repair any boiler, no matter the size!

High Efficiency Boiler Installations

High Efficiency Boiler Repairs and Installations | Heating System Installations and Repairs | Massapequa ParkCondensing boilers, also known as high efficiency boilers, are becoming the new standard in heating technology. The process allows for up to 98% efficiency compared to the 70-80% efficiency of conventional boilers. Instead of allowing the waste gas and water vapor produced during the initial burning of fuel, it is forced to heat the colder returning water that runs next to the “waste” gas fuel. This way the water vapor loses its heat of vaporization to the cold water, condensing itself.

Boiler installation is a complicated process that is best performed by a licensed professional to ensure proper functioning and safety of the system. At DeVictoria Plumbing, we have years of experience, hold many manufacturer certifications, and are fully trained to install the latest boilers in your home or commercial property.

G-TEC Recommended Gas Torch Installer Approved by NYC Dept of Buildings

Does your profession require the use of high-powered blowtorches? G-TEC offers a Torch Booster System that utilizes your building’s natural gas line as its fuel source for convenience, safety and performance. The appliance is extremely small, quiet and can be professionally installed by our team. We handle all paperwork and inspections with the Dept of Buildings. Call DeVictoria Plumbing for your G-TEC gas torch installation today!

Heating System Installations and Repairs

Heating system installation and maintenance are complicated tasks that are best performed by a licensed, insured professional. Our heating system installation services involve removal of your old system, correctly sizing the new system and setting up exhaust and combustion piping to ensure safety and proper functioning of the new system. All work is done to meet or exceed current Plumbing Codes. The best system for your home depends on many different factors, and our team can help you choose the right one.

If problems arise, our technicians are fully experienced and knowledgeable to accurately diagnose the problem and thoroughly repair it. Timely repairs are essential to maintaining the function and safety of the system, and should be evaluated by a professional as soon as a problem is detected. We are experts with steam heat.

Radiator Leak Repairs

Radiator Leak Repairs  Massapequa ParkRadiator leaks are common problems. A radiator leak should be inspected right away, as it can cause extensive damage to carpets or floorboards if not repaired.

Our professionals will determine the precise source of the leak and how severe it may be before performing the adequate method of repair. Repair often involves removing blockages or adjusting valves. Our trucks carry most commonly used parts for this service. If necessary, we will inspect the entire system for any other potential problems. Radiator leaks can be prevented by having your radiators inspected and maintained on a regular basis.

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